Small kitchen appliances to keep yourself healthy

Wednesday 20th May 2020 06:18 EDT

Healthy eating habits keep your energy up all day, and your metabolism pumping. To keep a track on a better diet, there are some perfect kitchen essentials that you must not miss.

Digital food scale

Whether you believe it or not, food scales are a hidden gem for those especially, who meal prep. This is an option that can save a lot of time and stress. Weighing food may seem unnecessary at first, but once you meal prep efficiently within minutes, you will come back to thank us.

Vegetable Spinner

Not only does this ensure the food you're about to eat is cleaned properly, it also gets excess water out after a rinse and is a great prepping tool.

Food processor

Nobody wants to eat a salad every day, and this is where the mighty food processor steps in. It helps diversity meals to save you from burnout. Use this tool to rice cauliflower, or make fresh soups. The options are limitless.

Slow Cooker

Got a large family to feed? Allow the slow cooker to batch cook health foods without you having to hover over a hot stove all day. Being able to prepare multiple lunches in one go is a sweet sweet thing!


A pasta/noodle fan? Invest in a really good spiralizer and turn your favourite vegetable into a rich noodle meal. Use the likes of zucchini and carrots to get healthy noodles approved by dietitians, and eat a tasty meal packed with nutrients and essential energizers.

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