Nine tricks to getting smooth, dewy skin

Wednesday 20th May 2020 06:18 EDT

Yes, we know! There is not enough time in the world for any of us to maintain or try a proper beauty regimen. If you in fact, do... Let us know how you do it! However, for those like us who rely on certain hacks and quick tricks, follow us as we take you through a beautiful journey, one that promises healthier, smoother skin.

Below are some quick ways people we know swear by for soft skin:

• Apply moisturizer right after towel-drying from a shower, when the body is still damp. This locks in moisture.

• Substitute your shaving cream with coconut oil.

• Feeling a little fancy? Mix your foundation with some body lotion, and you have your personalised body makeup on hand.

• That face cream in the back of your dresser, yeah, you know the one. Use that on your body instead. Zero waste!

• For date night, use body oil, and finish with a drop of liquid highlighter.

• Sunscreen! Seriously, it is not just for your face!

• Exfoliate.

Wash your body after you condition your hair to drain off lingering product

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