The South Asian community's presence is a testament to the power of cultural exchange and collaboration

Tuesday 26th September 2023 16:30 EDT

Saujanya Phagre is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional with a strong passion for nurturing the business partnership between India and the United Kingdom. His journey has been marked by a relentless commitment to bridging the gap between these two economic powerhouses, leveraging his financial acumen to unlock investment opportunities and his tech-savvy approach to drive innovation. He spoke to Asian Voice about GIBC - Global India Business Chambers Limited.  

  1. Please briefly explain the mission and vision of GIBC.

GIBC’s mission is to facilitate, enhance, and promote trade and commerce between the UK and India. We are committed to fostering a dynamic ecosystem that empowers businesses, entrepreneurs, and industries in both nations. By providing tailored resources, strategic connections, and actionable insights, we aim to drive sustainable economic growth, job creation, and mutual prosperity.

Our vision is to create a robust platform that propels UK-India trade and commerce to new heights. By forging enduring partnerships, breaking down barriers, and navigating the evolving global landscape, we aspire to be a driving force behind a vibrant, balanced, and resilient trade relationship. 

  1. How is it different from UKIBC?

GIBC and UKIBC are both organisations dedicated to promoting business and trade between UK and India. While both GIBC and UKIBC share the goal of fostering business and trade relations between the UK and India, they differ in their approach, target audiences, services, and areas of expertise. GIBC is not just a professional services firm; we're strategic partners in navigating the dynamic landscape of cutting-edge industry sectors in UK as well as India. Whether it's in the realms of technology, finance, healthcare, or any other cutting-edge sector, we're here to help our clients and partners to uncover opportunities, navigate challenges, and achieve goals.

  1. What kind of offerings will GIBC provide such that both UK-India can benefit from this partnership?


GIBC offers a wide range of services and initiatives that benefit both the United Kingdom (UK) and India in their partnership for economic and trade growth. We provide comprehensive support for businesses looking to enter either the UK or Indian market, offering market research, regulatory guidance, and strategic planning to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Some of our key offerings include Market Entry and Expansion, Business Matchmaking, Investment Facilitation, Trade Promotion and Policy Advocacy. GIBC's comprehensive offerings can play a pivotal role in strengthening the economic ties between the UK and India.

  1. At a time when the FTA is hanging by a thread, what does a body like GIBC convey as a message of hope between the two nations?

In times of uncertainty and when FTA may face challenges, an organization like the GIBC can convey a message of hope and resilience between UK and India. GIBC can serve as a beacon of positivity and collaboration by emphasizing several key messages such as Long-Term Vision, Commitment to Collaboration, Innovation and Adaptation. GIBC is committed to Catalysing Prosperity through Collaborative Commerce and we envision a future where the synergy between our nations' economies fuels innovation, diversity, and shared value.

  1. In the process of acquiring a team that would fuel the initiative of GIBC, what kind of knowledge exchange will happen between the two nations?

GIBC strongly believes that both nations (India and UK) have a lot to offer to each other. The collaboration areas include Skill Transfer, Cultural Awareness, Best Practices, Market Insights, Technology and Innovation, Research and Development, Sustainability and ESG Practices. By fostering a culture of knowledge exchange within the team and across borders, GIBC can harness the collective wisdom and expertise of professionals from the UK and India to drive innovation, economic growth, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

  1. What is the importance of South Asian community and members of the community like you, who are trying to further nurture the living bridge?

The South Asian community plays a significant and multifaceted role in nurturing the "living bridge" between South Asia and UK. The South Asian community in the UK has made invaluable contributions across various facets of British society. Through its rich cultural heritage, entrepreneurial spirit, and active participation in business, education, and civic life, this vibrant community has significantly enriched the fabric of the UK. From fostering cultural diversity and promoting understanding to driving economic growth and innovation, the South Asian community's presence is a testament to the power of cultural exchange and collaboration in building stronger and more inclusive societies.

7. What do you think is unique about India that helps to compensate for what the UK doesn't have?


India possesses several unique attributes that can complement what the UK may not have, creating opportunities for mutual collaboration and benefit. Vast Market Potential, Young and Dynamic Workforce, Low-Cost Manufacturing and Services, Strong Scientific and Research Community are some of the key attributes with which India can collaborate with UK. By leveraging these unique attributes, businesses, governments, and institutions in both India and the UK can establish mutually beneficial partnerships, drive innovation, and tap into each other's strengths to address global challenges and opportunities.

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