Jobless migrants paid to find work in Britain

Wednesday 05th August 2015 06:12 EDT

According to reports, around 1178 unemployed young people from the European Union, has found jobs, training or apprenticeships in Britain under the 'Jobs Mobility' programme since its set up in 2012. That accounted for 34.7 per cent of the 3,387 jobs handed out so far, much higher than second place Germany, which has provided 659 placements. At the same time, just 25 Britons under 30 have found work under the scheme, less than 1 per cent of the total.

Media has disclosed that workless migrants are being given thousands of pounds to find employment in the country under the scheme. It offers up to €5,000 in relocation expenses and course fees per participant. The average cost per head was €1,818, according to official figures. The scheme is reportedly transferring people from high unemployment, to Britain. “The high number of placements in the UK could be due to the dynamics of the UK labour market,” it said. “A high share of outgoing job finders in certain countries mirrors the situation of the EU labour market, as these countries have high youth unemployment rates. Similarly to previous quarters, the UK remains the main country of destination.”

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, claimed that the Government “has a grip” on the migration crisis in Calais. He said 100 additional guards would be on duty at the terminal in Calais while UK Border Force officials will start working inside the Eurotunnel control room Monday night. “I think we have got a grip on the crisis. We saw a peak last week, since when the number of illegal migrants has tailed off,” he said. “We have taken a number of measures in collaboration with the French authorities and Eurotunnel which are already having an effect and over the next day or two I would expect to have an even greater effect.”

The European job scheme has a generous programme of grants and reimbursements to help people move. It includes travel allowances of up to €350 for distances of more than 500 miles, plus subsistence funds of up to €50 a day. Participants can also claim up to €1,060 in relocation expenses to move to the UK, €1,270 for language training and €1,000 to have their qualifications recognised in a new country.

British businesses that employ people through the scheme can account for up to €1,060 in training and language allowances.

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