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Suresh Vagjiani Sow & Reap A Property Investment Company Tuesday 06th January 2015 17:24 EST

During the course of the conversation he asked for my date and time of birth. I gave it.  There are many clients we deal with who are into the occult arts of numerology and astrology, so I thought nothing much of his interest and lumped him in with this group. We try and accommodate such clients when doing their deals, they like certain numbers on property and they don’t like others, they want to exchange on certain dates and avoid others.

He mentioned he had a deity of Lord Ganesh he worshipped in his home and that I should come over and see it. I liked the man, and so decided I would take the time out to visit him.

So a few months later I arranged to go and see him, he asked me to come on a Saturday morning. It was an ordinary house I visited, however on entering the front room there was an undeniable charge of energy in the room where his large deity of Lord Ganesh sits, in the bay windows occupying a primary position in the room. He then proceeded to tell me how special this deity was.

I wasn’t really buying into it, everyone thinks whichever form of God they worship is the most special and their children are somehow the best in the world. So I politely listened, he mentioned to me this form of Lord Ganesh with the trunk going on the right side is very very rare and not many devotees of Lord Ganesh worship this form due to the tight regulations of worship involved, this form is known as Sidhi Vinayak. There is a temple in Mumbai which has a deity like this one and it attracts crowds of thousands daily, it is one of the richest temples in India.

Being a complete ignoramus in regards to this subject I still boxed this conversation as a man’s rambling in religious fervor, and politely nodded through the conversation.

Then he changed his subject and started speaking about me, as I’m interested in myself that got my attention. He proceeded to tell me various things about me which no one knew, my faults and attributes and whom I should do business with, which days were lucky for me etc. And at the end he definitely had my attention.

Normally astrologers tell you certain things and then ask you for money, and then even more money to neutralize something which isn’t right in your charts.

But this wasn’t his game, as he wasn’t an astrologer, he was a businessman and a successful one, and furthermore he wasn’t asking for or expecting anything.  Sometime later I brought an Italian friend of mine down to the house along with his fiancée, they too were gob smacked with what was said in response to their enquiries; they nick named the Indian man Ganesh Baba.

A few months down the line we had a company trip arranged in Goa, the resort was owned interestingly by an English musician from Harrow, Middlesex. He advised us to go and see a temple of Lord Ganesh – no less. But this deity was in the middle of a stone quarry. Apparently when they were digging for stone, one of the workers had a dream that a deity of Lord Ganesh was buried so they started digging in the location specified; lo and behold a deity appeared.

Work promptly stopped and a temple was built around this deity, it is visited by many devotees daily. This was interesting and coincidental.

On the way back from this trip we stopped off in Mumbai, where I visited a shop selling murtis, the whole of the third floor was devoted to only Lord Ganesh murtis, since the population of this city is obsessed with Lord Ganesh, even many Muslims.

Still not totally convinced regarding the special form with the right handed trunk I interrogated the salesman to see if he was selling a right handed trunked Lord Ganesh, he stepped back and said there is no way they could sell this form or even convince someone to have it made.

OK - maybe this was a rare and special deity and the information didn’t just come from Ganesh Baba’s religious fervor. There was something more to this beyond the emotion the baba felt.

The baba said to me a couple of months ago he would visit any properties we have and would advise on which ones were having issues from the vibrations they gave. He also claimed he could help to neutralise these issues.

Given the experience I had I took him to see a few properties which for various reasons were stuck, and were not selling with the speed they should be. The blockages were manifested in various ways, one had a joint freeholder who had become a pain in the rear and was purposefully causing issues every step of the way.

He visited the properties and said two of the three properties had blockages to them and the third one although it wasn’t selling was the best and had a good vibration too it. He advised me to light incense sticks in each property every time I visited to neutralise any bad vibrations.

I have also been reading up on lay lines and how in ancient times places of worships would only be built on certain lines and points on these lines. Even current important buildings which are houses of power are built according to these lay lines.

When looking at investments you generally use logic, past prices, location etc. But the ancient sciences of Astrology and Vastu can be powerful indicators too. The issue is many who practice these arts have incomplete knowledge and often vested interest and therefore their opinions cannot be relied upon.

I am a novice when it comes to these matters but am aware there is something worth looking at these aspects when considering investments. Most investment decisions rely on the past but this science can give you the tools to peer into the future. 

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