Where are all the Hindu Nationalists?

Wednesday 29th May 2019 07:59 EDT

Apparently a Hindu Nationalist in India managed to fool millions of Muslims to vote for him and therefore for their own annihilation, and he is, as we speak, building concentration camps in India because he's apparently a Hindu extremist. The type of Hindu extremist that praises a Muslim boy in his speech for five minutes at Wembley Stadium. The same Hindu extremist who also praised the former Muslim President of India, and talked about his meeting with Sikh organisations in the UK to discuss their concerns, all the while waiting to exterminate them all with strategic plans and policies.

When PM Modi came to Wembley Stadium, the scantily clad Bollywood singers were performing at the event, and the Muslim contingent there watched. And all I could think about in the meantime was that 'I bloody hope that PM Modi is not watching this kind of liberal secular stuff'. I waited for the public hangings I'd been promised by The Guardian in the football stadium in Wembley, like they have in Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan, but none came.

Maybe I missed it? Only singing and dancing? Surely, I got the wrong Taliban-Hindu event I thought. Where was the effigy burning? The public stoning of non-Hindus, the swastikas? Darn it.

And worse still, I had to sit with women - whatever happened to the intolerance I'd been promised, and segregation and the public beatings? Women were integrating with Muslims, and Christians and there was no obligatory caste questionnaire that you have to now fill out at all Indian airports since Fuhrer Modi took over the country in a coup and turned it into North Korea/ISIS/Hindu-State - modeled on Islamic State – with Hindutva/Sharia law.

Those intolerant Hindus who have national holidays for Islamic holidays and worship only Hindu actors like- Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan and don't let Muslim actors get a break. The same intolerant Hindus who don’t ever support or allow Muslims as the captain of the Indian cricket team not even Mohammed (Azharuddin).

Glass ceiling for Muslims is what it is for the rest of us- you can only go as high as President. There were 4 Muslim Presidents out of the 13 since Independence in this anti-Muslim islamophobic country. For a minority of 14% of the population getting the highest office in the land, that’s just discrimination – positive discrimination.

It is the media not Modi that fuels fear. Say it again; media not Modi. If you don't want to live in fear, don’t read the works of the journalists who useterms like ‘Hindu Nationalist’ – we know what they really think.

And PM Modi should condemn every party member and citizen who breaches the Constitutional Duty of all Indian citizens to foster no hatred based on religion. That's fair and objective. What's wrong is to portray him as a genocidal maniac wanting to exterminate Muslims in concentration camps. Though you're right there are psychopaths in India who want that.

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