Trump First President Right About The West and Pakistan

Friday 09th February 2018 01:44 EST

I write from India. Trump made clear he believes Pakistan has played the US. Something India has been telling them for years.

In the West there is a popular moral equivalence with Western liberal terror apologists: ‘we brought it on ourselves’ and ‘I am sure we are just as bad as they are’.

It’s worrying that Western youth too often think this way. We in the West did not create terrorists we found hiding in Pakistan like Osama Bin Laden. Let me give a history lesson – after the Second World War, our former allies, the USSR became our adversaries and enemies. They wanted a world painted in communism, just as we to this day want one painted in democracy. We think our system is better. We think our system though not perfect, is worth dying for. Yes we actually do, though we would rather live for it. Our system which though imperfect sees women Heads of Government

from Britain to Israel to India and hopefully the USA soon.

Anyway, the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979, although they claim they were invited – just like the Pakistani army claimed the Kashmiri’s invited their troops in 1948. We did not want Afghanistan to turn communist and were willing to fight them for that. We don’t like Islamic Republics much either, like Saudi Arabia, not just because of the lack of freedom of religion, speech and human rights, but we tolerate them. We don’t think all political systems are equal and we do interfere in their affairs ever since we created the UN.

Back in 1979, we were not going to tolerate the communists as much as we do now, say in China. So we funded the Mujahadin, or freedom fighters, led by one Osama Bin Laden. We funded them through the corrupt Pakistani Government and their General Zia.

We got played because those funds meant to repel the Russians found their way to Kashmir. Kashmiris doesn’t grow M16 rifles on trees and the kind of special training and gear you need to take out the military posts of a regional superpower like India – so we know where they got their training, it wasn’t in the tranquil Dal Lake.

Anyway, I say we in the West got played because once the Mujahadin, with our Western armoury defeated the Russians, they decided to attack us. Oh, they told us they wanted to live in peace after the Russians. Remember, we didn’t blow them up, we gave them military training, weapons and money. So why did they turn against us?

Turns out if you’re from Saudi like Bin Laden and crazy enough to go to Afghanistan to hate the Russians, you also are going to hate the West – but even more so. They hated us well before we funded and fed them and clothed them and gave them their freedom from the Russians. What did we do but give them billions for their freedom? They didn’t have or need an excuse to hate us back then.

They decided they had a holy war against us. Our fault? No. They played us. You think they’re too stupid to play clever old us? Well, they managed to penetrate our airspace – the most secure in the world and bring down our most prestigious buildings. Oh they played us.

Guess where we found Bin Laden? In a major Pakistani military city – not in some cave in Afghanistan. You think he was directing global terrorism by himself from there – or you think there are a load more housed, protected from there?

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