The UK-India Lecturefest & Brit Bashing

Wednesday 13th September 2017 06:28 EDT

Seriously, stop lecturing on what UK and India need to do. The number of talking heads yacking about how Britain needs to do this and that post Brexit. The amazing thing is, it’s not the Indians (other than the Indian media sometimes). Classy Indians like Anand Mahindra do not lecture and talk down and patronise.

It’s the self appointed British Indian experts looking to be appointed to higher office doing the haranguing and British bashing. Those who have seen the inside of trade and investment negotiations know the serious business of doing business happens without the yak yak yak, blah blah blah. False friends of Britain with British passports.

Back to the Anand Mahindra. When his foundation invested in a braille company which we are helping set up in the UK, not once was their the usual rubbish you hear about Brexit being the end of the world, crash burn, self destruction of the UK.

You would think the UK is begging and pleading on its knees. You would think North Korea and ISIS are not a threat, but Brits themselves. I am not saying you have to blindly be patriotic. What I am saying is anyone who knows anything about business knows we businessmen do not whinge and collapse at the first sign of trouble.

Let me praise entrepreneurs and business people and separate the lucky, the whingers from the real ones. The former will talk about collapse, like for instance the CEO of RyanAir, from whom all I can guess is his business is trading whilst insolvent the way he cries and cries about Brexit.

The latter include those who whilst they wish Brexit did not happen, know they have to get on with it. It’s like a fricking playground. Some kids pick themselves up and get back on, others moan and moan about the end of Western Civilisation. Oh, and Brexiteers, don’t take this as a green light to attack Remainers. You haven’t got the monopoly on intellect – far from it sunshine.

Just all show a bit more class, a little less whinging and some self-respect and some humility before the attacks on the UK. The fact of the matter is if you think Holland and Germany and Finland and Sweden are better – great, good luck to you. You will help British exports when you buy from us. Enjoy the local culture. It’s lovely.

All I can say is, the Indian business people in India I have spoken to, hundreds of them, are looking at Britain with just as much excitement as before. Ask Anand Mahindra. I did.

(And no, there are no open borders. I wish there were with India. It can feel like getting into Oxford University, and you get pissed when you find you have to go to LSE instead. But it’s worth the effort anyway. Auf Wiedersehen.)

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