The China Problem

Alpesh Patel Wednesday 14th April 2021 07:45 EDT

As the UK PM gets ready to visit India, the UK’s pivot has never been strategically stronger to the country. It has never coincided with a similar focus by the US on India – witness the Quad – the US-India-Australia-Japan alliance.

Insular, often inward looking India, has an opportunity as the most powerful regional democracy to shape the region and the world. It will not. India does not think like that. Maybe it is because Hinduism doesn’t seek to convert and save souls through war and conquest that it is not in the DNA of India to project power beyond its borders.

There are exceptions. The India League, Gandhi, Vivekananda, Swaminarayan movement, Hare Krishna, all sought peacefully to effect global change for the better. And indeed, the Indian Government’s Public Diplomacy initiative.

As China now officially becomes a pariah State – as the red Dragon encroaches on every territory, with conflicts with the British, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and India – basically all neighbouring democracies – it is clear this dictatorship of communism is a rogue State with absolute power in the hands of Xi or Pooh Bear as social media prefer to call him.

I am on the side of the British. There was an agreement relating to Hong Kong to protect civil liberties and that has been broken by the Chinese.

There was an agreement with the world not to create deadly chemical viruses. Are you seriously saying it is a coincidence Wuhan is the centre for Virology in China and the birthplace of the Chinese virus? Their wolf diplomacy is aptly named, it was a sheep till now.

There was an agreement with humanity to end slavery – yet Muslims reside in concentration camps on the Western border.

There was an agreement with India not to encroach on territory – that is broken. There is was an agreement with the world, not to dump cheap products – that has been broken – ask Trump and the war of words with America.

I was in Beijing on 9/11. And the next day lecturing at one of the Universities. The room was packed. They wanted to know the impact on world trade. They were not traders – just regular students.

Our values are our own. Not all values are equal. Communism is not Chinese. It is not part of their civilisation or culture. And it will be overthrown.

I visited Tiannamen square a in 2019 ago, and was surprised at the security. You only need security of that level – far more than in our Parliament Square if you truly do not have the consent of your people. They do not.

As Mao Tse Tung said in the ‘Little Red Book’ – the people are not naturally socialist. They have to be unshackled from this dictatorship. This aggressive world destroying, religion destroying, trade destroying, virus like dictatorship which has infiltrated all supply lines and choked and strangled them.

The ordinary people, the people I meet on my trips, are the loveliest, most patriotic you will ever meet. But they are in no way supportive of the Communist Party and its stranglehold of fear.

Social dissent is coming – we shall have to make sure of it. It deserves it. Right and justice deserve it. The apologists for China in the West on the Left think there is an international brotherhood – just as Blunt and Maclean – the traitors did.

India needs to step up its game by a factor of ten fold, yes within the confines of liberal secular democratic values, but for a start it could raise its Muslim population to make the Uigur cause global.

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