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Indian terrorists at it again

Alpesh Patel Wednesday 08th August 2018 06:18 EDT

Actually, when I say Indian, they don’t consider themselves Indian. I am talking about the Khalistani-Kashmiri Pakistani supported alliance. An unholy alliance often groups proscribed under UK terrorism legislation.

There will be burnings of the Indian flag at Trafalgar Square on 12th August – so they’ve promised. I find it entertaining that they will take great effort at their homes to paint lots and lots of Indian flags.

I assume there will be effigies too – very Taliban thing to do. Clearly the kind of ISIS like State they want to build sees a rush of applicants. Basically, a handful of muppets, old and young, radicalised in places of worship like the Islamic fundamentalists are.

@DalKhalsaUK pops up a lot on Twitter. Wants a referendum for Punjab. Please can Yorkshire have one too? I know referenda are popular nowadays, also known as Plebiscites. But you’re hardly oppressed, subject to occupation by an invading Army. Not exactly Palestine in Punjab is it? By the way, what about Pakistan – you never have an unkind word for Punjab in Pakistan. I wonder why? No I don’t I know why. In fact the hard core religious extremist state you want to create is the oppression you seek to impose and why you just don’t have the numbers. You’re more ISIS.
Calling India a Hindutva State just damages your own credibility. India is as much Hindutva to non-Hindus as Great Britain is a Protestant nationalist stronghold to non-Protestants. You’re real beef is that it is a secular country by constitution and practice. And you want it to be a religious hardcore site.

And you know how I know you don’t have any support, other than your own venom. Because I’ve been to the Golden Temple. I received sacred rites there, and been treated, as a Hindu with the utmost respect and I had for all those there. Your using a place and people who detest you – those who you claim are your own. They’re not.

But it’s not the cause, it the puppet masters that are the problem. These are useful idiots of Pakistan’s ISI. They are at the precursor stage of ISIS. They want a Taliban Sharia State of their own in their own extremist version of their own faith.
All faiths have extremists who want to emulate ISIS. And the rule book for grooming and indoctrination of youth is well trodden and the end result is terror suspects like Jaggi are imprisoned. That the Labour Party and MPs from Labour are natural supporters is no surprise. After all this is the Party whose rightful defence of Palestinians leads to blindness against Israel to the point of anti-Semitism. So their love of this perceived militant underdog blinds them to their own motherland. British Indian MPs – you’re Indian. You may not like it, but that just is a character flaw in you. You are an Indian. It’s time not to be a useful Idiot too to Pakistan.

And you really need new strategists if you think the Scottish Referendum and the Brexit vote is the way to portray yourself, or allying yourself to Kashmiris working with Pakistan. And you know how we know you’re fundamentalists? When children with strict dress codes are told to preach the message on social media. Sound familiar? ISIS is your role model. It’s why you have to bully parents to force children to do these things. An social services are rightly alerted.
You could do so much for your heritage, instead like ISIS, you bring shame upon it and yourselves.

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