Political Sketchbook : What the Heck is a Hindu Nationalist?

Friday 22nd March 2019 05:37 EDT

Dear Prime Minister Modi,

When a country has 80% of its population as Hindus, and is the only historic home of the oldest of all faiths, then that country is home, wherever its sons and daughters may live.

For too long nations have limited their protection to their own citizens. India, must extend this principle – to cover all those whose ancestors have called Hindustan as their home.

Because unlike those of all other faiths, Hindus have no traditional, ancestral home, except India, it must be the policy of your government that all Hindus wherever they are in the world will be extended under the umbrella protection of your government.

From this day onwards, the first determinant of your relations with any foreign government must be their treatment of the Hindu population within their borders. It has to be the business of this government on how Hindus are treated worldwide. If they want better relations with India, first make the best relations with Hindus in their own country.

This doctrine is not novel in international relations. The people of Israel provide protection for Jews wherever they are in the world, of whichever nationality. We shall extend no lesser protection to Hindus.

Nor should anyone ask, what of those of other faiths? Muslims, Christians, those of all other faiths who are Indian nationals will continue to have the full unwavering protections of the Indian state.
As Hindustan becomes an economic superpower, what is the use this wealth, this status, the hands of friendship of other nations, if they do not respect our people, for Hindus wherever they are will always be Hindustani first.

You are often called a Hindu nationalist. So be it. You have never been embarrassed of the title. This is Hindu nationalism. This is an example of what it means. Justice for all, appeasement of none. The Hindu nation is not confined to borders drawn by a colonial power. We are the Hindu nation, world over. Hindustan holds dominion over us all.

Extend this doctrine to all dharmic faiths who have no home except India – including the Sikhs, Jains, Parsees too.

Of course, there will be those liberal extremists who will say this is a extremist, right-wing divisive – whilst happily they will proclaim every country’s right to be a Islamic Republic. India is not a Hindu Republic. It rightly enshrines secularism in its constitution. Nothing I have said is anti-secular.

But the liberals are right on one point. What if this creates a ‘hostile’ environment for other communities. What if it emboldens Hindu fanatics (there are some and it is no answer to say other faiths have their fanatics too – that is a low bar)? So the Prime Minister must, as Gandhiji did, reach out to all communities – especially minorities who may feel threatened and stamp on the heads of the Hindu fanatics who will think they can lynch with impunity as ‘their man’ is in power. It’s they who will cost the PM the election – it’s the fanatics who will scare the masses into the hands of others.

We look forward to your visit.

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