Alpesh Patel’s Political Sketchbook: A Shame Upon The Nation Says the PM

Wednesday 26th July 2023 07:12 EDT

Today, I write to you with a message that is profound yet unequivocal, one that I hope resonates in every corner of our global community. Recently, I had the honour of co-hosting an event in Parliament, as Chair of City Hindus, and as President of the India League, that sought to address some of the most pressing issues our world is facing. Our event was ‘Empowering Women: Business, Finance and Tech’.

In the past weeks, the eyes of the world have been focused on India, where the actions of a few have cast a long and disturbing shadow. The violent atrocities committed against women have shaken us to our core and led the Prime Minister of India to declare that these acts have brought shame upon the nation. Think of it. A PM saying of his own nation, that it has been shamed. More leaders need to say it, more often, of their own countries – shamed by the violence to women within their own borders. Yet in this darkness, it is essential that we draw strength from unity and solidarity, rather than disperse in despair. To the Modi supporters – raise up your fists, not against women, but for them. To all of us, raise your fists in anger, for, not against women.

When we talk about creating change, whether it's to combat climate change, to end gender violence, or to engineer a more equal and inclusive society, we must remember: Men play an indispensable role. This isn't a task solely for the women who have bravely stood at the forefront of these battles, but a call to action for every individual, regardless of gender, to rise and join this fight.

We need to ensure that our fathers, brothers, sons, and friends understand their power and responsibility in fostering a safer, more equitable world. This isn't about replacing one form of dominance with another, but about creating a cooperative balance where we all thrive together.

Men are not just bystanders in the fight for equality and justice—they are our allies, our partners, and our equals. The world has already witnessed the boundless potential that is unleashed when we break down barriers and work together. It's time we harness this power to address the biggest challenges of our times.

President Barack Obama once said, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." So, to the men who stand beside us, who champion equality and fight against injustice, we thank you. And to those still finding their footing, we invite you to join us.

The challenges we face are not insurmountable. The burden of progress is not one that should be carried by half of us, but by us all. As we look ahead, let's remember that everyone has a role in shaping the society we want to see. And together, we can create a world that reflects our shared values of justice, equality, and respect for all.

Thank you for standing with us in this mission. Together, we are unstoppable.

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