Ganga Connect: Journey of Ganga Rejuvenation

Monday 29th November 2021 20:52 EST

The Ganga Connect exhibition, that has been running across the UK from 8 November and concluded in London on 25 November 2021. This has been a major effort of the National Mission for Clean Ganga, the High Commission of India and Ganga to engage with international community of scientists, technology companies, policy makers, industry, investors, and finance professionals.

The exhibition started in Glasgow and moved to Cardiff, Birmingham, Oxford before concluding in London.

The end of the exhibition was marked by an evening reception hosted by H.E. Gaitri Issar Kumar, Indian High Commissioner to the UK and Mr Rozy Agarwal, Executive Director – Finance of National Mission for Clean Ganga.

Welcoming the guests, the High Commissioner said that the Namami Gange programme is a flagship initiative of the Honourable Prime Minister and that India places top priority towards climate change and cleaning up its environment.

In further engagement with the guests, Mr Agarwal made 10 key strategic announcements that summarised the highlights of the two weeks long exhibition. These included announcements such as community engagements, forming chapters across the country that will establish a link between members and the Namami Gange programme. 

Nearly 100 members have joined the four different chapters already. With the establishment of Community Engagement Chapters, the establishment of the Clean Ganga UK charity has received a lot of support from the grassroots and activated the necessary enabling environment. The charity set up process has been expedited and it will set up soon with a view to start mobilising communities and friends of Ganga in the coming months.

Minister of Jal Shakti, Hon. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and Director Generation of National Mission of Clean Ganga, Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra hosted a virtual roundtable with eminent members of the Indian community who gathered in person at the Indian High Commission in London, UK and others via a digital bridge from elsewhere in the UK. The community members asked questions and offered numerous suggestions on they might be able to engage and support the Namami Gange programme.

Both the Minister and Director General accepted the community members’ requests to carry the exhibition across various temples and community centres across the UK.


MOU of National Mission for Clean Ganga and Government of Scotland


It also included National Mission for Clean Ganga and Government of Scotland MOU of 2017- a collaboration to support in channel the high level of interest amongst Scottish entities specialising in water into entering the Indian market. The Namami Gange programme will act as a major platform for Scottish entities to enter the Indian market.

A major impact project has been conceived to generate major economic activity of a select region along the banks of river Ganga. This initiative will create significant livelihood opportunities and bring new economic activities but in a manner that creates a model approach of environmentally sustainable development. The initiative will include many aspects such sustainable tourism, river front development, sustainable transport and other activities. The project will be developed on the model of rejuvenation and economic development of River Clyde in Glasgow. It will be led by City of Glasgow College and Strathclyde University.

A number of investors and finance companies have come together to establish the Ganga Finance and Investments Forum (GFIF). The group will develop state of the art financial instruments such as river bonds, blue bonds, impact and outcome bonds, credit enhancement and guarantee instruments. They will go on to establish specialist vehicles to channel investments from around the world into the Namami Gange programme. The group has agreed to develop the first of its kind River biodiversity and conservation bond to channel long-term investments into ecosystem conservation. It will also provide ongoing support to NMCG and the Namami Gange programme for continuous funding and project finance for various initiatives.

Several scientists and research institutions have agreed to come to form a knowledge pool for exchange of scientific and technological ideas leading to development of collaborative research. The scientists agreed to focus the collaboration on applied innovation for rejuvenation of rivers systems, conservation of biodiversity, measures to combat the impact climate change on ecosystems and create sustainable models for economic development.

There will also be engagement from the Global Youth for Ganga, an association of youth from India and other countries on a common mission to exchange knowledge and expertise, through advocacy for a clean Ganga, and all rivers at large. 

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