The 'empowering' Karma & Diamonds

Tuesday 15th December 2015 05:18 EST

The Karma & Diamonds trilogy marks the debut of Smita Joshi as an author. She has enjoyed a successful career as a corporate business executive, as a freelance TV presenter, and has been one of the pioneers in bringing India's Information Technology services into the heart of Britain and Europe.

The first book in the Karma & Diamonds trilogy is Moon Child, which is about a seven-year-old Smita who is oblivious to the impending turn of events that will have a sudden and dramatic impact on her life.

In a roller coaster storyline packed with travel, action, humour, intense emotion and romance, Smita tells a universally relevant story which spans continents and lifetimes.

The trilogy, which has been touted as “'Eat Pray Love' meets 'Da Vinci Code'”, has been receiving 5 star reviews on Amazon, where the book is currently available for purchase. Some of the reviews include, “Superbly written, deeply emotional and empowering”, as well as “An excellent and brave account of spiritual growth”.

As well as from Amazon, the book is available from the official website:

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