Book Worm

Tuesday 29th March 2016 08:12 EDT

Asian Business Publications Limited has recently received the following 5 books.

The Making of India

(The Untold Story of British Enterprise)

written by Dr Kartar Lalvani and published by Bloomsbury. (The review is published in Asian Voice this week).

Debating India

(Essays on Indian Political Discourse)

written by Lord Professor Bhikhu Parekh and published by Oxford University Press. (The review will be published shortly).

Black Taj

written by Mohini Kent (Lady Noon) and published by hoperroad London.

Zerbanoo Gifford

(An uncensored life)

written by Farida Master and published by HarperCollins Publishers, India.

Remnants of the Sikh Empire

(Historical Sikh Monuments in India & Pakistan)

written by Bobby Singh Bansal and published by Hay House Publishers, India.

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