Book Review: Letters to the Editor

Monday 10th November 2014 13:14 EST

In his highly informative new expose, 'Letters to the Editor' (published by AuthorHouse UK), author Nagindas Khajuria covers almost all topics that are constantly in the news every day as current affairs. From ISIS, Syria, terrorism, education reform, NHS funding crisis to welfare benefits, he elaborates on events that will steer the reader into reflecting more deeply about the issues that surround the world today.

He explains how humanity is constantly preoccupied by history and how past events shape the enormity of everyone’s life. This book goes back 17 years and analyses the event of that day; providing insight from experiences, hindsight and logical judgment.

Eye-opening, insightful and easy-to-grasp, 'Letters to the Editor' reveals what, when, why, how, where and which way policies should be formulated so that inequality is reduced gradually and not increased in a world that is being torn by everybody fighting for a larger piece of a finite cake.

Nagindas Khajuria is a businessman with experience over five decades across four continents in the oil industry, financial services, and diplomatic missions. He lives in London with his wife and has two children and four grandchildren. He was born in Sudan of Indian parents. He was educated in an Italian-run Catholic missionary school in Khartoum, Sudan.

Khajuria is qualified as a chartered certified accountant in the UK. He was awarded a meritorious citation for outstanding service at the United States Agency for International Development in Khartoum, Sudan. During the next twelve years, he worked in the finance and tax departments of oil and gas multinational and national companies in London, Libreville and Tripoli. He later set up his professional accountancy practice and has guided and nurtured small- and medium-size family businesses in business development and tax compliance. 

Hardcover- ISBN 9781496991300 or Softcover- ISBN 9781496991263

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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