400th anniversary of first British envoy to India

Tuesday 22nd December 2015 11:51 EST

The Indo-British Heritage Trust will be publishing a book in 2016, on the “special relationship” between Britain and India.

10th January 2016 will be marking the 400th anniversary of Britain's first envoy to India, Sir Thomas Roe, presenting his credentials to the Moghul Emperor, Jahangir, at the Court of Ajmir, in 1616. 

The link between the two countries began in 1591, when the first trading boats went to India during the reigns of Akbar the Great and Queen Elizabeth I. In 1600, Elizabeth I granted a Royal Charter to the Honourable East India Company to trade with India. Despite the huge differences in culture, religion and language, the bond between the two countries has continued for over 400 years, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 

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