Winners of AV Charity Awards celebrate at National Liberal Club

Wednesday 14th August 2019 08:12 EDT

On Tuesday, 13th August, winners of the Asian Voice Charity Awards, powered by Charity Clarity, were invited to the National Liberal Club by Chairman Rupert Morris, to celebrate part of their Winners’ Package.

Founded in 1882 by William Ewart Gladstone, the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the National Liberal Club prides itself as the most inclusive club in London. Among its 19th century members was Dadhabhai Naoroji, a Zoroastrian-Parsee academic and leading figure in Indian nationalism, admired by both Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Morris hosted the award winners after attending his first Charity Awards this year and participating in the philanthropy panel. According to him, charity and the NLC are natural partners, especially as one of their members, Sir Stuart Etherington, was Chairman of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations for 25 years.

Around a dozen charity representatives, including trustees, staff and volunteers attended the event. During afternoon tea, they discussed closer collaboration between each of their organisations and several potential partnerships were identified, including potential for working across borders. The charity winners that attended were Donate4Refugees, Medical Aid Films, Sarvam Trust, Oscar Foundation, Healing Venezuela and Paul Strickland Scanner Centre. One of the other aspects of the Winners’ Package is an invitation to a special raising of the bridge experience at Tower Bridge, kindly donated by the City Bridge Trust.

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