Lord Loomba hosts dinner to celebrate Gandhi's legacy

Tuesday 08th October 2019 08:37 EDT

On Friday, 4th October, Lord Raj Loomba of the Loomba Foundation hosted a dinner ceremony at the House of Lords celebrating Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary. The event was attended by Lord Karan Bilimoria, Deputy High Commissioner of India to the UK, Charanjit Singh and GP Hinduja among others.

"Throughout his life, Gandhiji faced discrimination and violence, yet he always insisted on non-violent resistance. He was sent to jail 19 times throughout his life, and even at the age of 75. But, he stood by his beliefs, despite all the pressures he was put under, and we must never forget the sacrifices that he made for the sake of our country.

"We at Loomba Foundation recognize many of Gandhiji's values. Over the past 22 years, since I set up the Loomba Foundation, we have raised awareness of the plight of women who, unfortunately, lose their husbands and suffer in silence to poverty, illiteracy, diseases such as HIV, Aids, , malaria, complex, and injustice," said Lord Loomba.

As the evening progressed, the guests lauded Lord Loomba for his work with the vulnerable women across the world. In the meantime, entrepreneur GP Hinduja spoke of Mahatma's principles that shaped his own business initiative. He said,

“My late father was his disciple, I remember, whenever he used to have marches, he used to be there. And if you look at our group principles, they were all framed from Gandhi's principles. Gandhi was not a businessman, but Harvard recognised him as the best business management guy.''

For further information about The Loomba Foundation and their work visit here: https://theloombafoundation.org/

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