38th delayed annual Christmas vegan lunch

Tuesday 05th February 2019 13:43 EST

On Sunday 3 February the The Indian Cultural Centre, Croydon organised their annual vegan Christmas lunch. In its 38th year, over 100 people enjoyed the delicious food at this delayed Christmas lunch. Nitin Mehta started this event 38 years ago to promote a vegetarian/vegan Christmas and to promote friendship between the people of Croydon. Speaking to Asian Voice, Mehta said “I never expected to see the rise of 'veganism' as we are witnessing today. It confirms we were on to the right thing. Mankind is beginning to realise that eating animals and abusing them is contrary to human values of compassion and empathy towards those who are at our mercy. Our brutal treatment of animals has rebounded on us and brought the planet on the brink of disaster. For all of you who have been fighting for the animal cause over decades against all odds.”

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