Breaking Stigmas: The rising acceptance of cosmetic surgery among women

Thursday 18th April 2024 10:24 EDT

In contemporary society, the pursuit of confidence and self-assurance often intertwines with the realm of appearance, leading many women to explore avenues like cosmetic surgery. While traditional narratives may stigmatise such choices, for some women, undergoing cosmetic procedures represents a journey towards embracing their true selves and reclaiming confidence.

For many, such surgeries isn't merely about altering physical features; it's a deeply personal decision rooted in the desire to address insecurities, overcome past traumas, or simply enhance one's self-esteem. Whether it's a subtle adjustment or a more significant transformation, these procedures can empower women to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies.

While external appearances may change, the impact of cosmetic surgery extends far beyond the physical realm. For many women, it's a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and newfound confidence—a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's appearance in pursuit of inner strength and self-assurance.

Addressing the factors that foster a positive attitude and acceptance of cosmetic surgery in women, SujathaTadiparthi, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and founder of Choice Aesthetics said, “Fashion and societal norms regarding appearance are constantly evolving, influenced significantly by social media. Cosmetic surgery, once taboo, is now more accepted due to increased discussion and education online. Social media platforms have allowed individuals to openly share their surgery journeys, both positive and negative experiences, fostering acceptance and understanding. Additionally, shifts in gender dynamics have contributed to the normalisation of cosmetic procedures. With women becoming more financially independent and holding prominent roles in various industries, there is a greater desire to feel confident and present oneself well in professional settings, even in male-dominated environments.” 

Sujatha‘s primary focus has always been on plastic surgery procedures rather than non-surgical treatments such as, botox or fillers. Discussing trends of getting exaggerated features, she added, “I'm cautious about the growing popularity of non-surgical treatments, observing a trend towards exaggerated features like fake eyebrows or filled lips. While some patients seek inspiration from images, I'm careful not to overdo any procedure and prioritise patient well-being over profit. Unlike surgery, the filler industry lacks strict regulation, with non-medical practitioners offering treatments. While extreme enhancements may appeal to some, they're not mainstream. Social media often fuels these trends, encouraging individuals to undergo cosmetic procedures. However, it's crucial for practitioners to maintain safety standards and ethical principles, declining procedures deemed inappropriate. Additionally, the rising trend of medical tourism for cost savings poses significant risks with poor results and inadequate after care.”


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