Leicester's high street is Britain's most multicultural

Monday 08th February 2016 05:16 EST

According to researchers, Narborough Road in Leicester is considered as Britain's most multicultural high street, with shopkeepers from 23 different countries. Academic researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) found that the 222 shop units' owners were from 23 different countries.

Business owners from the high street in Leicester are from four continents, which include countries such as Pakistan. Afghanistan, Iran, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Poland, Lithuania, Hong Kong and Canada.

Narborough Road is considered as the commercial heart of a community of more than 11,000 people.

The lead researcher at the LSE's Super Diverse Streets project, Suzanne Hall said, “What we found in Narborough Road was staggering really, and we didn't interview every owner of every business. It is the world in microcosm, all these people, from all these different places, different cultures, living cheek by jowl, working with each other and living in harmony.”

Member of Parliament for Leicester East, Keith Vaz shared with Asian Voice, “Leicester is a city full of surprises and I am not surprised that researchers have found a road that has so many nationalities represented there. We have many roads like Narborough Road. Leicester is the multicultural centre of Britain where different communities are able to live in peace and harmony. We are the mirror of the world."

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