Hani: new single Seven Seas

Monday 12th January 2015 11:03 EST

Saat Samandar (Seven Seas) Refix is a taster of what is yet to come for 2015. The new sound is a fusion of Punjabi, Middle Eastern, English Urban and Hip Hop waves. Produced by the very known and respected  Shayal and Evo. The video is directed by the highly acclaimed Akash and was shot in London and Paris. Hani also chose a leading Middle East designer “Hibayaat” as the stylist and wardrobe specialist for the video.

Hani, born in Karachi, Pakistan and raised in Middle East, released his last track 'Do It' in 2012 and went on to taking a break to set up his own music and film studio in London. He was raised watching his dad play musical instruments which inspired him to pick up a guitar and by the age of 12 was able to compose melodies and write songs.

This latest track Saat Samandar is a Bollywood classic which Hani has blown up with a Refix by adding a unique Urban and Hip Hop element. The lyrics were inspired by Hani's life journey and will move and inspire you too.

You can download 'Seven Seas' FREE on Soundcloud and other radio websites.

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