Women football players walk to raise money for needy people

Wednesday 17th March 2021 07:31 EDT

Over 30 players and the management team from Frenford & MSA Women FC walked 5-10 km individually and raised over £8000 collectively. The programme is being sponsored by local estate agent; Lint Group who sponsored £10 for every km walked (up to 200km) as matched sponsorship. This team of inspirational women were already supporting the local community struggling during the pandemic by distributing food parcels in partnership with Redbridge Mutual Aid. Every few weeks, several players distribute, pack and make calls to those requiring food parcels and support.

Currently, they distribute to 140 households and feed about 450 people every three weeks. However, during the pandemic they noticed a growing demand for food parcels that had been delivered to abuse survivors who had been moved for safety reasons. This team of international women felt that they had to take further action especially with cases of domestic abuse rising during the lockdown in the UK. During and after the first lockdown in April, May and June, roughly one-fifth of offences involved domestic abuse.

As a result, the Frenford team chose to support Refuge and Unicef. Refuge has become the country’s largest single provider of specialist domestic and gender-based violence services and now support over 6,000 women and children on any given day. Whilst Unicef are actively supporting Yemeni families facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Currently, 1.71 million children alone are internally displaced facing the dangers of war, disease and hunger.

Organiser Irfan Shah, alongside participants Sabah Mahmood, Tayyiba Yunis, Rose Luther and Yasmin Hussain, said: “Frenford & MSA Women FC has a history of offering inclusive programmes to all women and girls with opportunities to play football. That is why it was so important to continue to help by shining a light on a women’s right to safety and security away from domestic abuse and poverty. We are extremely proud of what our women’s team has achieved during this fundraiser. All humans have the right to dignity and safety so this fundraiser will provide counselling, food and medical support to these charities.”

“Raising the awareness in the increased levels of domestic violence in our local communities, as well as supporting the plight of displaced children in Yemen is key. I am delighted that Lint Group have supported Frenford and MSA Women FC in their efforts. ” said Rizz Patel, Managing Director, Lint Group.

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