Ghulam Alahi is the new Vice President of West Ham United Women’s Club

Monday 10th February 2020 07:54 EST

Accountancy and auditing firm Vision Consulting’s Managing Director Ghulam Alahi recently became the new Vice President of West Ham United Women’s Club.  

“West Ham holds a special place in Ghulam’s heart, and he shares in our vision of developing not only a competitive West Ham team, but also women’s football as a whole,” Jack Sullivan Managing Director of West Ham United Women’s Club said.

"I believe that women's football is going to experience incredible growth. I was very impressed with Jack as he is entrepreneurial, and he likes to see results. Jack is going to be seeing me a lot going forward, and this will allow us both to bounce ideas off each other and achieve something special,” said Ghulam Alahi.

Being raised in East London and establishing Vision Consulting there are what contributed to his decision in becoming a Vice President and partnering with West Ham United Women’s Club. 

Statistics from the annual survey 2018/2019 by the Inclusive Board Ltd shows 55% of BAME individuals would partake in sports if there was better accessibility to information and opportunities.

Ghulam’s involvement has many benefits as he will able to encourage individuals from a BAME background to participate, provide equal opportunities, better representation and bring about inclusion. Ghulam aims to encourage young people particularly from an Asian background to consider a profession in football.


Vision Consulting is a boutique firm of chartered accountants and registered auditors. The firm has previously helped women in disability sports with the charity Path to Success to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Supporting others has been a key aspect at Vision Consulting.

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