One in a Billion

Wednesday 20th March 2024 07:57 EDT

In an inspirational journey defying the odds, professional boxer and promoter Tony Bange, alongside the first and only Indian professional boxing world champion, Prince Patel, has carved a unique path in the sports world. Faced with the challenge of lacking support from mainstream UK promotional teams, they established their own company, Platinum Punch Promotions. This bold move was not just about promoting fights; it was about breaking barriers and changing the narrative.

Despite being underestimated and told they would never become champions, the duo has proven critics wrong. Prince Patel, with a background adorned with multiple amateur national championships and representing England internationally, has risen to become a world champion under their banner. This achievement is not just a personal victory for Patel and Bange but a historic milestone for Indian athletes, emphasizing their message of inclusivity and the potential within the Indian community to excel in sports beyond traditional expectations.

Platinum Punch Promotions stands as a testament to their perseverance and vision, aiming to inspire more Indians to pursue success in sports, boxing and beyond. Through their journey, Bange and Patel are not just promoting boxing matches; they are advocating for a future where talent, regardless of background, is given the platform to shine on the world stage.

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