Indian sailor becomes 1st Asian to sail around the globe in 30,000 miles race

Wednesday 03rd May 2023 06:25 EDT

Retired naval commander Abhilash Tomy, 44, became the first Indian to complete the longest endurance solo race around the world covering nearly 30,000 miles in just about 236 days.
Last week, Tomy came in second place in the Golden Globe Race, the world's longest endurance competition. He was engaged in a navigational duel with South African Kirsten Neuschafer to reach the finishing line, the port of Les Sables d’Olonne in France.
According to the media report, the veteran Indian sailor sailed through all three navigable oceans on a boat Bayanat with 1968 vintage technology and carried out countless repairs during the ride to complete a circumnavigation in the Golden Globe Race.
The solo race, considered the world’s toughest sail race, began on September 4, 2022, from Les Sables-d’Olonne in France, with 16 sailors from 11 countries. But, after completing 26,000 nautical miles, only three sailors remained. Tomy completed the solo sailing race in 236 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes, 34 seconds on April 29.
The race's regulations forbid competitors from asking the shore for assistance, news, or repairs. It is a solo, unaided circumnavigation, and there is no internet. To connect with people at sea, the sailors are given a high-frequency radio.
In 2018, Tomy met with a horrific accident in a storm that nearly killed him and was rescued after 70 hours. He was left with spinal fractures that required Titanium rods to be inserted and five vertebrae to be fused.

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