Indian chess player Gukesh scalps No. 2 Firouzja after blitzing No 1 Carlsen

Wednesday 07th June 2023 06:38 EDT

Seventeen-year-old Indian chess player D Gukesh’s rising stature in the world got another boost when he defeated world No. 2 Alireza Firouzja, 19, in an over-the-board classical elite meet in Stavanger, Norway. The previous day, in the blitz section, Gukesh had achieved his first-ever victory over No 1 Magnus Carlsen. Gukesh currently trails V Anand, the strongest Indian on the list, by just 12 Elopoints after his two victories with black pieces.
Former seven-time national champion Praveen Thipsay said Carlsen has recently shown an “unpositional” tendency to keep the pawn on ‘d2’ and push ‘f4’. “Despite it being a Blitz game, Gukesh showed fantastic accuracy and crushed Carlsen in a way Capablanca or Alekhine positionally crushed unscientific play by opponents,” said Thipsay.
On the Firouza vs Gukesh clash, Thipsay said, “Probably the most remarkable game I have seen in over a couple of years. Gukesh didn't mind exposing his king and weak pawns because he had judged the position perfectly in tactics. The most accurate double-edged game I have seen in the last several years. Gukesh’s play reminds me of Carlsen of 2013. I think these two games show that he is capable of playing at that class and strength. ”
GM and coach Abhijit Kunte said, “It is good to see Gukesh scoring against the world’s elite and utilising this opportunity. I hope to see him soon playing in Candidates for a shot at the World title.”
As they must play an Armageddon game after each drew game, the traditional Norwegian event does not provide an abused cushion of equal points to both players. A victory in the Armageddon is worth 1.5-1 points, whereas a victory in the classical game is worth 3-0 points.

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