Ben Stokes signature more expensive than Virat Kohli

Tuesday 16th February 2021 11:53 EST

A recent research from Cricket Bet India has reported that Ben Stokes’ signature is more expensive than Virat Kohli. The report said, “The average price of signed memorabilia from 105 cricketers around the world to work out the most valuable player signature according to data from some of the world's leading memorabilia sites. 

The report claimed that Ben Stokes’ autograph is worth £2,357, which is 79% more than  Virat Kohli. Ben Stokes has the most expensive signature in world cricket, with fans paying an average of £2,357.13 per item signed by the England all-rounder on leading cricket memorabilia sites, according to a new study. Kohli has the third most expensive signature in world cricket behind Stokes and Sir Donald Bradman. India is the most expensive for all player signatures on average. 

This new study analyses 430 individually signed items by 105 cricketers to work out most valuable signatures. “It costs more to get a signed item by Stokes, of which there are seven in total, than any other cricketer in the history of the game, with Sir Donald Bradman the second most expensive and Virat Kohli's signature also priced at more than £1,000 on average,” the report said. 

The most expensive item available comes at a whopping cost of £14,999.99 for a signed match shirt worn by Stokes, while the cheapest by comparison is a £99.99 signed picture. Kohli is followed by MS Dhoni at the fourth position with £899.99 per signature for five items, Sachin Tendulkar at fifth position with an average of £866.49 per signature for eight items and Shikhar Dhawan at the sixth position £574.99 per signature for two items. 

While the most common item signed by Ben Stokes and Dhoni is display, Kohli's and Dhawan's most popular item is a shirt, and an autobiography for Tendulkar. KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane are also on the list. 

Overall, probably due to their fanatical support, India are the most expensive team in the world with 79 items available in total at an average of £311.19 per piece, while Pakistan have 12 items online at the lowest price of £83.99 on average. India skipper Kohli is the biggest global star in the world game today and has a huge following in his home country. Like Stokes, he has seven items available to purchase, the most expensive of which is a signed helmet at £2,499.99.

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