Ahmedabad couple, daughter win medals in US powerlifting meet

Wednesday 09th November 2022 06:40 EST

In a show of raw power, a couple and their daughter from Ahmedabad set the stage on fire at Wyndham Orlando Resort International in Orlando, Florida, winning three medals at the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) World Championships 2022. While 10-year-old Kanak Gurjar and her mother Dharini Gurjar won gold medals in their respective categories, Indersingh Gurjar bagged a silver.

Powerlifting, a non-Olympic event, is a strength sport comprising squat, bench press and deadlift.
Competing in the 44kg category, Kanak, who weighs 37 kg, won a gold medal by lifting a deadlift of 60kg. She failed to participate in the entire powerlifting as the mandatory entry for bench press was set at 25kg.

“As the entry for bench press was set at 25 kg and Kanak could do a bench press of only 20kg, she could not participate in the entire powerlifting competition. However, she made up for it by winning a gold medal with a deadlift of 60 kg and breaking the world record in squat by lifting 50 kg,” her mother Dharini said.

Kanak said that she had practised lifting 55kg only but managed to lift 60 kg easily. “When I tried to lift 70 kg, it was tough and I failed in my effort. I also broke the world record by lifting 50 kg in the squat.” Asked how she managed to lift weights so easily, she replied nonchalantly, “I think I’ve this in blood and so I’m able to lift weights easily. When I could not do the bench press because the entry was set at 25 kg, I cried a lot. I’m targeting a medal in March in the Egypt event, where I’ve got an entry based on this performance. ”

Competing in the women’s 82.5kg category, Dharini lifted 370 kg to win a gold medal. She did a squat of 170 kg, a bench press of 70 kg and 130 kg deadlift to clinch the yellow metal, a performance, which she said, she wasn’t happy with.
“I’m not happy with my performance as my total lifting has reduced a lot since the 2018 competition. I could not practice consistently because of the festival and the closing of the gym just before the competition. I’ll focus more on Kanak and my husband’s participation in future events.”Indersingh too competed in the men’s 82.5 kg category. He lifted 620 kg for the silver medal, missing the gold by a whisker of 2.5 kg. Indersingh completed a squat of 230kg, bench press of 140kg and a deadlift of 250 kg.

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