A stellar show by Indian teenage rider Nida Anjum

Wednesday 13th September 2023 06:28 EDT

Following R Praggnanandhaa, Nida Anjum Chelat has become another prominent young representative of India's growing presence in global sports. With her recent victory, the teenage rider Nida Anjum propelled India into the long-distance horse racing scene.

Nida 21, who is the only female rider in India with a 3-star rating, made history by becoming the first Indian to finish the 120 km Endurance Championship for Young Riders. An achievement that is practically comparable to the outstanding chess performance of 18-year-old Praggnanandhaa.

Nida and her exceptional horse "Epsilonn Salou" showcased their unparalleled prowess as they competed against 70 competitors from 25 countries in the championship race, which featured four demanding stages with varying distances and rigorous terrain. After each stage, 33 horses were eliminated after veterinarians assessed the horses' health. Nida and her horse completed all four stages and finished the race in just 7.29 hours.

"I am now embarking on further training for upcoming championships and will continue to strive for more achievements for my country. Next, I am aiming for the FEI Endurance World Championship for Seniors, and 'Mongol Derby' is my long-term goal", Nida said.

Nida's passion for horses began during her childhood in Dubai, where she resides with her parents. She competed in a number of tough competitions to earn her spot in the World Championships, winning the Abu Dhabi Endurance Championship while still in the 12th grade. She was trained by Takhat Singh Rao, under the guidance of renowned endurance rider Ali Al Muhairi.

Nida holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from the University of Birmingham, UK and an IB Diploma from Raffles World Academy, Dubai. She is the daughter of Dr Anvar Ameen Chelat, Managing Director of the Regency Group, and Minnath Anvar Ameen. Her sister is Dr. Fida Anjum Chelat.

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