Existence of God

Tuesday 30th September 2014 06:24 EDT

Doubt about God in relation with wars, strife, disasters and sufferings is myopic. These inter-human behaviour aberrations are language of uncontrollable energies of gross physical matter eg., anger, lust, greed, covetousness, pride and desire.

God’s language is, maintenances of congenial environment, habitat, love, health and cheerfulness. God mercifully looks after creation via well balanced synchronisation. On level of life on earth, God maintains optimum temperature, its equi-distribution so that life on earth does not burn or freeze/ humans do not perish from fever or hypothermia. All manifest life and humans follow perpetual rhythm of life cycles for preservation, protection, survival and propagation. Selfish humans take these gifts for granted.

Selfish grumblers also forget that in spite of falling prey to gross energies mentioned above, God has given humans free will to be good or sinner. Humans do not thank God for rewards but moan at reactions resulting from evil actions.

Hindu sages have understood that evil forces must be strictly controlled. They have preached – Dharma- way of life as per needs of the times, theory of action and reaction that motivates person to do good deeds perpetually. Such acts benefit not only the individual but also the whole humanity.

Ramesh Jhalla

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