Woodford Equity Income fund

Monday 03rd February 2020 07:53 EST

Open letter for Neil Woodford and Craig Newman,

We followed you blindly when you launched Woodford Equity Income fund as you were one of the best fund manager with your previous employer and lots of people withdrew their money to invest in your funds as for me I was getting very low returns form saving account from banks and building society.

In the first year you gave us good returns and I got greedy and withdrew all of our saving to invest it into your funds yet we got our fingers burnt due to your mistakes as it was our money you took gamble with and also made sure you got your profits and dividends over the years totalling some £ 111.8 million, yet when you decided to close your funds I was only loosing 40% of our investment and now your fund been Liquidated we only got back less than 40 % back.

We are both pensioners and we will never see £40,000 lost we made due to your negligibly. I hope if you have sympathy please kindly donate some of our money to Diabetes UK which you took from the charges and dividends during you were managing your funds funds totalling £118.8 million. Thanking you

Parimal. Patel

By email

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