Winner takes it all

Monday 18th March 2019 13:39 EDT

Gambling rule- winner takes it all, cannot be applied to run a democracy or a country. Referendum result of 55% v/s 45% does not mean those who won can assure the remaining will benefit from the change.

Referendum has turned out to be farcical. Government should have analysed the Brexit before referendum, as how the public will benefit by cutting off the trade relation with EU. Referendum was a rushed job, and totally uncalled for. A minister was appointed who travelled lavishly at the cost of tax payers' money, who never gave full report to the House or to the public as how the UK citizens will benefit. How many millions of pounds have been consumed by Brexit, no one knows. Former Prime Minister John Major hit the nail by saying the problem is not with EU because they are united, criticising some selfish MPs. It's odd to estrange from 27 countries by choice!

In the world's eyes, UK is a mess and has lost its image. In the past UK ruled one third of the world and now they cannot manage their own house!

T Chudasama


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