Water wastage on grand scale!

Monday 02nd March 2020 12:15 EST

One may wonder why I am writing on water wastage when one third of the country is submerged under water, some areas receiving a month’s rainfall in 24 hours, many describing this tragedy as “Biblical Downpour” needing “Noah’s Ark” to rescue riverside residents! People and properties most affected are those living on river banks and flood plains.

One may wonder why government allows building residential homes on land that is at risk to flooding. But recent report suggests many more homes will be built on such land at risk to flooding, as demand for houses outstretches land availability. England has now overtaken Netherland as the most densely populated country in Europe; only behind Japan and Bangladesh on world stage, ignoring tiny nations like Singapore, Luxemburg and Monaco!

I remember only couple of months ago, we received letter from our Water Company advising us how to save water, as there will be water shortages this summer unless we receive above average rainfall! I hope this advice is now redundant in view of carnage created by abundant rainfall! If this scenario is due to climate change, then perhaps this deluge may be followed by summer draught resulting in water shortages, as after privatisation some reservoirs were emptied, land sold to private house builders at great profit, thus reducing water availability!

Moreover one biggest water firm is losing 150 million gallons of water a day through leakage. This is the trend throughout the nation. No wonder Labour wants to nationalize Water, Royal Mail and Energy companies for the good of the nation. Britain is the only nation in EU where every business is open for grab, even by foreign, unfriendly governments!

If future homes are to be built on flood plains, government should introduce strict planning regulations to make them flood résistance if not flood proof, learning from countries where heavy monsoon rain is common, houses near river banks built on stilts at least ten feet high, making them flood-proof! Buildings on bank of river Thames in dockland are made flood-proof using the same technique! 

Kumudini Valambia 

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