Watching what we eat

Monday 22nd September 2014 17:25 EDT

Also our wise people have considered hygiene as well. So if we eat anything grown below the soil’s surface, we  kill some insects to dig it up. So it's barred. Here abroad we should be good and practical.

I agree with Shri Rameshbhai Jhalla reply of 13th Sept to 'Life in egg', about 5 basic elements for life. But he has misconception that all 5 elements are not in all species. Actually they are. Even grass needs earth, water, wind, light and space to survive. Also please note incarnation is only used for God.

Greed, anger, attachments to people and possessions, pride and prejudice created by mundane desires degenerate people and they go to hell. If they do their duty and help others they go to heaven but they have to come back.

But if they do not want the fruits of their good deeds, treat all the living and all the circumstances equally e.g. humans, birds, animals, win, defeat, happiness, difficulties, lives a simple life and prays or chants God's name at the point of death, he frees his soul from the vicious circle of birth, life, death, diseases and achieves nirvan, God's Eternal Light! (Bhagwat Gita).

Upendra Kapadia

By email

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