Unbelievable poverty in land of plenty

Tuesday 09th April 2019 14:33 EDT

It is indeed heart rendering to watch news on our TV about sufferings people have to endure in a so-called land of plenty, especially in London, a city so often referred as one of the richest city in the world. It is a misconception beyond belief, unless it refers to the “City Square Mile”, home of banks, stock market and center for financial wheeling dealing, a natural haunt for whiz kids, where millions are made and lost in a matter of minutes! 

The food bank phenomenon was not so alien to British people. But now food poverty is joined by period poverty and the new phenomena to come to our attention is Baby Poverty where the mother to be struggles to prepare for the new arrival, with baby-cot, nappies, buggies and other such items necessary for new arrival. So such “Baby Banks” are mushrooming in the most deprived areas of cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester, a few amongst many deprived hot-spots. 

Government has just announced increase of £500 million in “Overseas Aid Budget” taking it up to £14:50 billion, more than entire police budget, the sum government finds it difficult to spend wisely. Am I alone in thinking that our government behaves like “Robin Hood” overseas and “Shylock” at home, that charity begins in far-off lands rather that here at our front doors! 

If ordinary people like us find it difficult to watch such depressing, distressing news, along with overcrowding, struggle to see GP, long waiting in A & E department that elderly, chronically sick and disable people find it difficult to endure, so often they go away without receiving any treatment. How come this does not trouble the conscious of our politicians who are on most part, kind and caring, always able and willing to help their constituents in their hour of need!

In MP Priti Patel, we had a sensible, caring and knowledgeable Secretary of State for Overseas Aid. Unfortunately PM is prone to losing most effective and dedicated Ministers, like David Davis, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Sailesh Vara and many more, for one reason or another. 

Could it be that British people who are so kind, caring and generous to a fault but politically not as astute as those of France and Germany! 

Most of our MPs are over the age of fifty, perhaps it is time to bring in young blood who may be street wise, in touch with people at grass-root level, understand our pain, our need and not blinded by empty political slogans and act accordingly for the good of British public!   

Bhupendra M. Gandhi          

By email

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