Un-littering Britain

Monday 03rd February 2020 07:11 EST

Those who have long memories, going back to early sixties when some of us seek shelter in this far away shores, leaving behind idealistic life in sunny East Africa, will remember how much this country has changed in the last few decades, not for the better, whether it is on honesty, cleanliness, respect for the elderly and on many other fronts as well. 

Print industry, leading national newspapers like ever popular Daily Mail plays a leading part in nudging the government to introduce new laws, toughing the existing ones, as well as encouraging public to be law abiding, being good citizens and keep Britain clean and tidy. 

Daily Mail’s recruitment for volunteers for their “Annual Spring Cleaning” is now well under way, thousands of ordinary people, including many youngsters from local schools have already signed up, the figure exceeding 65,000 in the first week, is truly amazing, especially as our springs are not always sunny and warm, even snow fall in March and April is not unusual.     

No one will be surprised if last year’s prestigious figure of half a million volunteers is exceeded by staggering numbers who will fill-up thousands of plastic black bin bags with rubbish generated by selfish, thoughtless public, cleaning up our streets, cities, parks, countryside, river banks and beaches, covering every part of the nation, from Aberdeen in Scotland to Land’s End, the southern-most point on the mainland!  

It is time government give them helping hand, appreciate their unselfish contribution and members of the general public to join en masse and help this noble cause to keep our nation clean and litter free! But this spring cleaning may not be necessary if British people are disciplined and law abiding like the people of Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and a few more! How come this great nation has lost its morality, sense of pride and purpose!     

Kumudini Valambia

By email

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