Travelling to India

Monday 16th March 2020 06:58 EDT

India has suspended all visas issued to travellers till 15 April 2020 and Visa free travel for OCI card holders is kept in abeyance till 15 April 2020. Travel to USA is also suspended and many countries are following this procedures.

But the airlines are not refunding full amount and they all say cancellation charges apply. They say they can issue a voucher for future travel or they would let passengers change their dates free of charge but fare difference will be charged.

My appeal to all the airlines if the countries are not allowing passengers to travel and suspending their visas, please offer full refund as it is not the fault of the passengers who have booked with you.

We understand the losses the airlines are incurring at the moment but please understand the situation of the customers who have booked with you. I believe common sense will prevail by the airlines concerned.

Vinod Dattani

By Email

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