The Brexit conundrum

Wednesday 02nd January 2019 07:11 EST

It is depressing to see the Brexit momentum is dominating over other important issues facing the nation. There are divisions in Tory and Labour party, division in people, division in the business community, divisions in families, division between the northern and southern regions of UK, division in old and young generations. It has become a curse instead of a blessing for the country.

The members of the parliament, government, cabinet, opposition parties, DUP, brexiteers, remainers, all of them are living in their own bubbles and not budging out of them. DUP are holding the government to ransom on the issue of the Irish border. This is no way of solving the problem. If the leaders and representatives of the British people are unable to sort this mess, than they have no right to hold the positions they are holding but make way for new people to replace them. They are playing with fire which will destroy the 40 years good relations we had with Europe.

As far as Brexit is concerned there are no winners nor UK or the European Union both are losers. Brexiteers are talking as if new trade agreements with other countries are ready to be picked off the shelf, it takes 5 to 7 years finalise trade agreements. It is no easy going matter, as they make out to be. The leavers are aware of this situation but are hiding it from the people. That is a slippery slope leading to a black hole.

The primary issue of the economy, jobs, security, unity of the country, good relations with neighbouring countries, smooth trading relations with EU are put into jeopardy. They are using the fig leaf of sovereignty, control of borders, immigration and EU laws relating to UK, as if they apply only to UK and not to the other 27 EU countries. If the other 27 countries accept and abide by the EU constitution and enjoy the benefits of the union, so why is UK an exception?

The main reason is the anti-German mind-set of the older generation and misguided ideology which has brought about the Brexit disaster but Brexteers and their supporters are cleverly covering it by raising the issue of sovereignty and related matters.       

There is no way this huge divide in the nation can be bridged easily. If politicians, ministers, parliament and the cabinet are unable to sort out Brexit issue after 2 years of fruitless and wasteful negotiations, which is a great shame. Therefore, under the current dire circumstances the only sensible alternative left is to go for the peoples vote to nail the problem for good, as the leadership of the government, political parties and Brexiteers have miserably failed to do so.

Baldev Sharma

Rayners Lane, Harrow

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