Story of immigrants

Tuesday 30th September 2014 06:19 EDT

Exactly 40 years ago I boarded plane with my family on this date to come to Canada from London upon getting Canadian visa. I stayed first 2 weeks in Hayes, Middlesex at my sister's place. As far as I know Gujarat Samachar was founded some 43 years ago.

To think of publishing Gujarati newspaper in a foreign country and that too in England is very big venture. It requires lot of courage and must have been a huge task. Investing hard earned money by Shri C.B Patel and family, putting so many unpaid hours day and night, forgetting family life, getting advertisements, asking people to subscribe and on top of that many people must have discouraged them by their negative input. Inspite on all these, CB with family support and his positive attitude took over Gujarat Samachar and later started Asian Voice for the benefit of 2nd and 3rd generation.

Similarly when I came to Canada with my pregnant wife and 4 years old daughter- we knew few people and many people also discouraged us. But by the grace of Almighty Lord, after going through some hard time, we overcame all hurdles one by one. Both my wife and I landed jobs in bank, gave University education, culture, rich heritage and values to our two daughters, both are married and settled now with children and now we enjoy our retired life.

This is not only my story but story of almost most all immigrants especially first generation to any country.

Our holy wishes to all on Navratri and upcoming Diwali and New Year.

Suresh and Bhavna Patel


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