Sanskrit and London school

Monday 22nd September 2014 17:27 EDT

Magazine by Hindu Swamasewak Sangh reported kids in a Belrose school in Sidney, Australia, recite Sanskrit shlokas dedicated to Parmatma. Chanting is followed meditation, and blended with ethics of non violence and vegetarian diet. The school authorities found that Sanskrit is very beautiful, profound and good for wellbeing of the child. It gives opportunity to enjoy purest sound and lays foundation for linguistic grammar and logic. Sanskrit has a wide footprint in Greater Sidney and has helped to create forward thinking community.

Germany is second home for Sanskrit, being taught on university level.

English language uses many Sanskrit words directly or as root of words spoken today. This is due to its Indo-European roots along with Latin. Professor David Frawley of Berkley University, California, and Conrad Elst are also ardent champions of Sanskrit.

I hope India would receive massive injection of Sanskrit from international sources.

Ramesh Jhalla

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