Resting on my laurels

Tuesday 13th August 2019 17:08 EDT

Having published over 500 letters so far mainly in AV and some in GS, I had thought that I would put my feet up and rest on my laurels. But that has not to be. I keep pondering about new topics to write about or to express my opinion on some of the current affairs. In all this, my age old computer is keeping up pace with me. 

My most memorable publications have been my mini autobiography under the “Remember, recollect, recharge” column and the visits a couple of times at Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace which I had the privilege to attend at the invitation of the Lord Chamberlain. 

I have also written about the privilege I had of speaking with Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, when she made a whistle stop visit to my place of work at the then Department of Education and Science accompanied by Margaret Thatcher, who was at the time Education Secretary, and she too oozed charm and dignity. 

My other notable work has been alerting readers about the scourge of old age where as we grow older, we tend to forget things – lose our marbles - we find that gradually we tend to forget things. 

The first thing we notice is that we find it difficult to put names to faces.  We struggle to remember people’s names or other important things about them. Then forgetfulness takes hold on us and it is a downhill ride. 

Dinesh Sheth

Newbury Park, Ilford

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