Republic day of many firsts

Monday 04th February 2019 13:22 EST

The Republic Day of India was a celebration of many firsts. Women power was the main attraction this year’s Republic Day parade at the Rajpath, New Delhi. Women officers led the contingents of the Navy, the Army Services Corps and the Corps of Signals.

First time, a woman Lieutenant, Bhavana Kasturi, led an all-male Army Service Corps (ASC) contingent during the parade. Kasturi became the first lady officer to do so.

Major Khushboo Kanwar, 30, and who is also a mum, led the contingent of the Assam Rifles, the oldest paramilitary force in the country.

The theme of the parade was the 150th birthday of India’s independence leader Gandhi.

India with all its problems, aspirations and dreams is slowly changing into a new leaf. We loved your lead article (AV p1, 1-8 Feb) talking about the celebrations across the UK and worldwide. The diaspora as PM Modi calls it- a living bridge, is making India proud everywhere.

Amina Dey


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