Priti Patel needs help not obstacles

Monday 09th March 2020 14:49 EDT

I have known Priti Patel for many years, since before she entered Parliament when she worked at Conservative Central Office.

She is calm, competent and pleasant. She is also very loyal and committed to the task that she has been given, wanting to see it accomplished in a perfect way. The Home Office is one of the most difficult Departments as it has so many facets and people can become frustrated. As we know, the reality is that the government is run by the civil servants, as they think politicians come and go.

The Prime Minister has made it clear that Ministers have the responsibility for policies and not the civil servants, and the great majority understand this. But there are some who want to pursue their own priorities instead. Priti Patel needs help to implement the tasks she has been entrusted with, rather than obstacles.

Dr Prem Sharma OBE


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