Period poverty

Monday 18th March 2019 15:49 EDT

It was shocking to read about period poverty in the UK. I have grown up in the UK, lived here for 45 years of my life and I had no idea that such poverty exists! Involvement of the Royals like Meghan Markle can surely act as wonders? Aren't there enough women power in Britain to make this campaign a success? Surely some political and business stalwarts should be able to join?

For Asian women, I know it is a bigger issue- with all those superstitions associated with menstruation. Since Asian Voice runs a Charity Awards, it will be great if charity organisations like Bloody Big Brunch UK, Myna Mahila and Free Periods – those who campaign for this cause, could nominate themselves. It is a cause that we should highlight, especially in the BAME community.

Anandi Devi


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