Our Republic Day

Monday 03rd February 2020 07:13 EST
I was pleased to read the contribution made by Mr B S Grewal on our Republic Day Celebration by bravely facing the protesters at the Indian High Commission. I fully endorse his sentiments that more of  us need to be active and counter any anti India demonstrations.Some of these anti India protests are politically motivated and often financed by external agencies.I also would like to  thank  our honourable editor in chief ,Mr C B Patel for his excellent " As I See It" on "The Economist's Redundant Provocation". I totally agree with his views and challenging the lack of factual and balanced analysis used in  the article. I suspect the sources used by such renowned publications as this and others like Washington Post,New York Times, CNN are the same pseudo intellectuals and so called secularists. Our PM Modi winning 2 elections in a row has ruffled their feathers and their egos have been massively bruised. The Modi government has battled hard to change the narrative of old India( Congress)  and successfully won the hearts of the majority of people, via 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Viswas'. He has provided hope and genuinely helped the poor through his inspiring national programmes.Anti CAA demonstrations are desperate measures by anti India forces  including anti Modi political groups and eminent academic and Bollywood personalities to destabilise India and distract Modi government from achieving his vision for New India. I am convinced these forces will not be allowed to win and we all Indians need  to be fully aware of their motives.  Bharat NaikBy email

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