Our Hibernating Politicians

Monday 17th February 2020 06:36 EST

Whenever there is above average rainfall, which is the norm in most countries, so many homes in Yorkshire, Lake District and South East England are flooded, putting these trapped home owners in  dilemma, as it costs thousands of pounds to make these homes habitable again. As these homes are in flood risk areas, no insurance company would touch them. Even if some may be willing to insure, premium is prohibitive, out of reach for most of them. 

Repair cost varies from £10k to £50k depending on the damage caused by flood. The worse aspect of this tragedy is that home owners are forced to seek alternative accommodation while their homes are being repaired, some six to twelve months in rented accommodation, adding to their cost and draining their capital reserve, an old age retirement fund! Some, who could afford, have bought caravans parked in nearest Caravan Park to avoid paying high rent. But living in caravan for elderly and those with children in bitterly cold and damp winter months is a grave hazard to their health and wellbeing.  

No wonder when some of these unfortunate victims appear on TV, they seem to be lost, depressed and many have tears in their eyes. Yet our “Ivory Tower” living politicians with privileges of private medical insurance, highly subsidized 5* meals in HOC restaurant, rent paid accommodation, as well as many other privileges, living a life of comfort; have no inclination about sufferings and hardships these people have to endure, living with fear and trapped in their unsaleable properties.

Yet, it will take just one year’s Overseas Aid Budget of £15 billion to protect and make these homes safe and flood proof. For some such schemes, building the wall is “Work in Progress” for five years. No wonder now public wants to know if China can build 1200 bed fully equipped hospital in two weeks, why our government is so inefficient! If necessary government should buy these properties paying fair price so that these long suffering home owners could move out and settle nearby!

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

By email

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