Original Indian constitution's abnormal interpretation

Tuesday 14th January 2020 17:07 EST

Indian people's united struggle for a free country in common for plural religions failed, because All India Muslim League's leader Mr Jinha demanded a separate land for staunch Muslim state-Pakistan, and advised Congress leader Mr Nehru to create staunch Hindu state; but Mr Nehru told that Mahatma Gandhi would go on hunger strike, if India would be divided. Mr Jinha retorted that it was up to Mr Nehru to solve his own problem. Finally British government divided old India in '47 into Pakistan for all Muslims ; and the remaining  new India -Bharat for the people of all the rest of faiths- Hindu, Baudh,Jain, Sikh,Parasi,Christian and Jew alike, who formed original Indian  constitution based on  mainly Sanatan religions' morality and values, totally rejecting the most ambiguous word 'secular' in it, in '50 to avoid misleading interpretation. 

Even after partition, Gandhiji wished that the divided countries would unite again for all to live peacefully, but some ungrateful and mobilised sections of Muslims who were cordially allowed to stay in new India, and who were dearly helped by the PM Modi,made riots throwing missiles on people, properties and police, and burnt vehicles while announcing further division of the country, and denouncing the obligatory and politic provisions -citizen amendment act, NRC etc which were needed to comply with the constitutional and reciprocal rights for the citizens who are trapped and suffer injustice or are unsatisfied in divided countries.People believe that Gandhili's wish proved to be fatal to the interests of the rightful nationals who follow truth and non violence.

Gandhiji insisted on dispersal of Congress soon after independence, as, it is said, he had envisaged that Congress might tamper with the Preamble of the original constitution of '50 which was clearly plurally religious, and after the death of Saradar Patel, it happened quite so,during '76 emergency Mrs Indira amended it,leaving it open to be interpreted abnormally by adding the word 'secular' illegally, imprisoning majority of the parliament members to negate certain rights of Hindus etc,so that, under the guise of Gandhism, Congress would remain in power for ever for personal interests conferring a favour on influential people who are now revealed involved in financial frauds; and inciting people against the PM Modi who adheres to the truly promised spirit of the constitution,and make considerate national plans.


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