Wednesday 13th March 2019 05:08 EDT

Obesity has become an epidemic in this 21st century. It is ironical that in poor countries people die of malnutrition and hunger while in rich nations people are dying on account of obesity related illnesses. Obesity is now acknowledged as the fastest spreading disease in the world.

UK is now declared as the most obese country in western Europe. It is not only posing a major challenge to public health but is also phenomenally draining the finite NHS resources. Less physical activity, fast food culture, high sugar content drinks etc. are mainly responsible for this outbreak. No wonder that there is a proposal before the government to discontinue free NHS treatment for obesity related diseases.

The problem can only be tackled through a multi-dimensional approach. Various stakeholders, that include health care professionals, government bodies, NHS etc., will have to work jointly to bring the circumstances under control. Finally, the crucial role of schools and parents cannot be under-estimated in curbing the childhood obesity. 

Bharat Shah


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